Our Mission: “TIC’s staff and volunteers provide human voice(d) broadcasts of local news, articles, and items of interest to visually impaired and otherwise disabled listeners throughout Massachusetts to promote independence and enrich quality of life.”

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*** TIC is slowly re-starting in-person operations with limited hours. To keep all staff and volunteers safe from the spread of the COVID – 19 virus, TIC is following all safety protocols and measures mandated by state and federal guidelines. Our hours of operation at our studios are temporarily 8:00a.m. – 12:00 p.m. until further notice with the remainder of our mission carried out remotely. TIC will continue to work hard to bring our listeners the news and information they need to stay informed, especially during these uncertain times. Please give us a call at 781-834-4400 with any questions or concerns. *** 

Thank You For a Successful Fundraiser

Thank you to our friends at MCTV for simulcasting our fundraiser from Oct. 2 on their Facebook page.

 Missed the fundraiser?! Watch the video below to see what you missed!

Operating remotely has not stopped TIC from carrying out our vital mission. We have continued to serve our listeners and are keeping them up- to- date with what's happening in their communities. 

Due to TIC's incredibly selfless volunteers, we have had the ability to produce the most important content remotely to ensure our listeners can continue to live autonomous, independent lives.

We also have been broadcasting messages from Commissioner D'Arcangelo, Commissioner of The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. (MCB) to keep our listeners up to speed with the operations of MCB amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can TIC help YOU?! Do you have a message that you need to the low vision or senior population to hear?! Let TIC be your voice! Simply give us a call at 781-834-4400 or send us an email with your message to general@ticnetwork.org and we will broadcast it to our 30,000 listeners across the state of Massachusetts.Thank you. We hope you all stay healthy and safe.

Gov. Charlie Baker's Re-Opening Plan for Massachusetts

Click on the link below for an accessible format of Gov. Baker's Re-opening Plan for Massachusetts:

MA Re-Opening Plan | May 18, 2020 

Accessibile COVID - 19 Statistics Tracker

Click on the button below for the latest covid-19 updates in an accessible format:

COVID - 19 Mobility Information

Listen to important information on social distancing and staying safe during the outbreak of covid-19 when you have a visual impairment  or other sight disability. Director of Orientation and Mobility from The Massachusetts Commission for The Blind, Meg Robertson gives an update. Click on the link below to listen to program entirely.

COVID-19 Mobility Information | April 18, 2020 |6:00 p.m

COVID-19 Mobility Information | April 4, 2020 |6:00 p.m.

Visit our Special Programming page to hear the many events and conferences TIC covers to bring you the information you need and want!  

To give the gift of one’s independence and self confidence is priceless.

Thank you for your consideration of a gift to the Talking Information Center. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with 42 years of success and sustainability. Your support of our mission ensures that the visually impaired community is guaranteed access to our service.

Thank you to our Gala Sponsors!

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