Our Mission: “TIC’s staff and volunteers provide human voice(d) broadcasts of local news, articles, and items of interest to visually impaired and otherwise disabled listeners throughout Massachusetts to promote independence and enrich quality of life.”

Become A Reader

Become A Reader

Your first step to becoming a TIC volunteer reader is to schedule an audition. We ask all our volunteer readers to come and produce a short audio demonstration for review by the staff. This is necessary to determine whether you have the reading skills and technique to make your experience at TIC rewarding and enjoyable for you and for the audience.

When you arrive for your scheduled audition, you will be shown to one of our 7 recording studios. A member of our staff will instruct you on the use of our equipment; all of which has been modified to simplify the process. No prior experience is needed.

You may do some of your reading/work ‘live’ in our newspaper studio. If you are reading live, you have no equipment other than a microphone to work with. You just need to position yourself comfortably and properly at the microphone and we’ll handle all the engineering.

Your work at TIC could include more work in the recording booths as you pre-record programs for later broadcast. At TIC in Marshfield, we have a state-of-the-art facility and all programs are recorded on computers and stored on our main broadcast server where our sophisticated automation system takes over to play the programs in the proper order at the right time.

To apply to become a Reader, click here.