Our Mission: “TIC’s staff and volunteers provide human voice(d) broadcasts of local news, articles, and items of interest to visually impaired and otherwise disabled listeners throughout Massachusetts to promote independence and enrich quality of life.”

TIC Network featured in Remember My Service eNewsletter!


Here at the TIC Network, we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with so many wonderful organizations that share similar missions. We feel very honored to work with Gregg Brasso from Veterans Voice Radio on WATD. TIC re-broadcasts Veterans Voice and now broadcasts Veterans Voice Story Hour, which features stories and books from veterans and their families.

Gregg sent our staff the December eNewsletter he received from Remember My Service. RMS is a Utah based organization that “commemorates the legacy of service members with premium-quality books and ebooks.” The newsletter was written by RMS President, Sharlene Hawkes. The way she writes about both Veterans Voice and TIC is nothing short of spectacular. Without knowing it, Sharlene perfectly captured the importance of the “human voice” TIC and over 500 volunteers delivers to our listeners. Thank you to Ms. Hawkes and RMS for sharing our mission and story with your subscribers! We will continue to work together to serve a wide range of listeners who need us, including veterans. Below is the newsletter for your reading pleasure:


RMS December Update:
A New England Voice for Veterans
Message from Remember My Service President, Sharlene Hawkes

I don’t know about you, but the Christmas season seems just a little more “Christmassy” when you include something from New England… like watching “White Christmas,” looking through a book of Norman Rockwell art, or getting a card from friends in Vermont. So this morning, I got an extra gift as I was on the phone with a delightful gentleman from the Boston area (with an accent and energy that would make GEN Milley homesick!) who hosts Veterans Voice Radio. Gregg Brasso is all heart—full of all-American passion for those who serve and have served in the Armed Forces. I’m listening to his show archives right now as I write, and I already feel like I’m listening to an old friend who has gathered all the right specialists across the board to talk about relevant, useful, and meaningful information that will better veterans’ lives regarding benefits, employment, healthcare, upcoming events, finance tips, you name it. And if you like to watch studio guests as they all gather around the microphones, Gregg’s radio program is also set up as a television show… take a look. These are all real people, real world solutions, real opinions from those who have been there and know what works, what doesn’t. And each show begins with a veteran sharing a story about their service as they honor those they served alongside.

Why did Gregg start this program three years ago? After a successful career as a high tech sales and marketing professional, he wanted to honor his family (he is a Gold Star family member) by honoring and supporting all in uniform, past and present. He realized there was a need for person-to-person contact, that human connection… and yes, he wants you to call and email him (781-985-1551 or at Veteransvoiceradio@gmail.com) with your questions, and maybe to even be on the show as well! His philosophy that talking and listening to each other is incredibly therapeutic supports everything he does on this program:

“When veterans have the opportunity to hear stories from others who may have had similar experiences, it helps them to feel less alone. It might empower them to get help. The more we can get veterans to talk to one another, the more we can offer support.
One vet decided to share his story about his year in the jungles of Vietnam because he felt that he owed it to his buddies that he served with, especially the ones that didn’t make it back. It took him 15 years to write the book, but once he got it out, it helped him process the experience and he felt it honored those other soldiers. Another Vietnam Gold Star widow shared her story about her sadness and pain after her husband’s passing. But her story was also uplifting when she talked about how she rejoiced when she met the men who served with her husband.”

Gregg also told me about his partnership with the Talking Information Center (TIC), a non-profit that has been around almost 40 years and also based in Massachusetts. This is a 24/7 reading service for periodicals, books, etc. that is local (and yet quite international thanks to the internet) to visually impaired listeners and those with other physical ailments that make it difficult to hold publications. You can hear live daily readings of the Boston Globe, USA Today, Wall Street Journal… and books too. I clicked on their “listen now” button and heard this woman reading from a book—and since volunteers come from all over Massachusetts, they sound wonderfully New England! I lived in Southbridge, MA for a couple of years while I was working with ESPN and my husband was getting his Master’s at Boston University so just hearing her voice took me back in time! Gregg told me that TIC now rebroadcasts the Veterans Voice Radio show and also offers a new program called Veterans Voice Story Hour, which Gregg also hosts and features stories and books from veterans and their families. I’m with Gregg—stories are very important to healing and connecting generations, let alone battle buddies and family members.

So check out the show archives. Gregg does a great job getting right down to the nuts and bolts of everything for veterans and military. Veterans Employment, Habitat for Veterans, Women Veterans, the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program, First Responder’s Careers, Vets Music Festivals, Legal Issues and Programs, the Valor Act, VSOs, Veteran Finance, Gold Star night, Entrepreneurs/Careers, Vietnam War Aftermath, Beirut Salute, and a ton more. The guests are from all over not only New England but anyone calls in. Gregg is a charismatic individual whose enthusiasm and warmth welcomes guests and listeners all year round… and is especially needed during the holiday season.
And sort of along the same lines, I have another tip to share with you. Right after I got off the call with Gregg, I started going through emails and opened up one from my friend Jack Ravin out in California who sent me what is now one of my favorite short PSA videos of all time (thanks Jack!). I just had to add it to this month’s letter: Please watch. I hope Vietnam Veterans across America have had the opportunity to personally feel how America has changed—in a great way!—over the last 50 years.
From all of us at RMS Productions, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Warm Regards,