Our Mission: “TIC’s staff and volunteers provide human voice(d) broadcasts of local news, articles, and items of interest to visually impaired and otherwise disabled listeners throughout Massachusetts to promote independence and enrich quality of life.”


*** TIC is slowly re-starting in-person operations with limited hours. To keep all staff and volunteers safe from the spread of the COVID – 19 virus, TIC is following all safety protocols and measures mandated by state and federal guidelines. Our hours of operation at our studios are temporarily 8:00a.m. – 12:00 p.m. until further notice with the remainder of our mission carried out remotely. TIC will continue to work hard to bring our listeners the news and information they need to stay informed, especially during these uncertain times. Please give us a call at 781-834-4400 with any questions or concerns. *** 

Thank you for your consideration of a gift to the Talking Information Center. We are a registered non-profit organization with 41 years of success and sustainability. Your support of our mission ensures that the visually impaired and print impaired community is guaranteed access to our service.

Thank you to the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation for supporting our mission and programs!

Why your donations are important:

"To truly understand the difference TIC makes in the lives of visually impaired individuals, imagine, just for a moment, that you awake without the ability to see. The world around you narrows because in the dark, you cannot read the newspapers. No longer can you cut out coupons and know what is on sale at the grocery store. Your knowledge of current events becomes severely limited, and you are unable to dive into the worlds of all the books on your must read list. You wonder how you will provide for your family and question how you will even learn of appropriate job opportunities. This is my reality, the reality of a blind woman in Massachusetts and TIC has been my life line and friend for many years as it is for over 25,000 other visually impaired individuals across the state."

—–An excerpt from a TIC listener and Board Member

By contributing to the Talking Information Center (TIC) you are supporting thousands of listeners who rely on our service. Your contribution goes towards subscriptions for newspapers and magazines to be read on the air, radio receivers for listeners to have in their home at no cost to them, and the upkeep of our technology. We heavily rely on your donation and on our volunteers so we can provide a great service to those that benefit most, the visually impaired and otherwise disabled. Think of the people you know and love and any mental or physical disabilities they possess. Don’t you want them to receive a service that empowers independence and dignity and improves the quality of their life? We ask that you to please donate, even $1 makes a difference.

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Honoring the year Talking Information Center was founded, The 1978 Society provides special recognition to listeners, volunteers and friends who give $1,978 or more during TIC's fiscal the year ending June 30.

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